Reversible scarecrow snowman porch sign, how this custom order brought me to tears

Reverisble scarecrow snowman porch sign

I love fun décor. My grandma was the queen at free handing pieces like these. Hers were WAY more detailed and more amazing that anything I could ever dream of doing though. She had an eye and talent of taking old discarded pieces of anything, rusty saw blades, pieces of drift wood, old shoe horns, and turning them into beautiful works of art.

I am proud to say that I got a small morsel of her free handing abilities though. Although I don’t do a ton of free hand work I do enjoy creating this particular piece. I love that no two signs are identical. I love flaws. I love imperfections. I have never been a perfectionist….thankfully. I am a momma and Lord knows life with kids is full of imperfections.

We’ve been making this particular sign reversible porch sign for a few years in our shop and I love when I see these orders pop across our dashboard.

Reversible scarecrow snowman porch sign, how this custom order brought me to tears

This winter we got a message from a super sweet lady requesting us to make her two of these reversible porch pieces. And she also asked if we could add a little extra touch to them. She was buying them for a friend of hers that was going through a pretty rough season in her life. Her friend had been faced with a lot of heartache in the last year and she wanted gift her something special.

She requested we add cardinals to the hats of these sweet guys. See, her friend had lost loved ones in recent months and when people see a cardinal they tend to associate them with their loved ones who have passed on. It’s not often we get such sentimental requests in our shop so when I read this one I broke down. It hit pretty close to home for me. I’ve lost many people in my life that I love and care so deeply for and when I see a cardinal I think of them too.

I’m not going to lie, I was so nervous creating these pieces for her friend. This was such an honor. Such a big job. Such a sweet request. And I couldn’t let her down.

But there was just one problem…I had never free handed a bird before. That wasn’t stopping me {after all, I’m a mom of four, us moms can pretty much do anything if we set our mind to if we try}! I couldn’t use stencils because the rest of the face was all done free hand, talk about mismatched. So I practiced a few times on a piece of scrap paper. The first few didn’t turn out so great but I finally drew the perfect cardinal and I was so darn proud!!

I decided I was going to cut that perfect little guy out and lightly draw him on the hat brims. This way they were similar but not identical. I was so happy with the outcome of these! They have so much love behind them and I am happy our little shop got to spread happiness to not just the women who lost her loved ones but also her friend that gifted them to her.

Reversible scarecrow snowman porch sign, how this custom order brought me to tears
Reversible snowman scarecrow porch sign, how this custom sign brought me to tears

I sent our customer a picture of them once they were finished and she was so insanely happy. She had nothing but the most kind words to say to us. Again, insert the tears!

Reversible scarecrow snowman porch sign, how this custom order brought me to tears

You can order your own handmade reversible SNOWMAN SCARECROW porch sign here

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