The EASIEST way to remove labels from wine bottles

Easily remove labels from glass wine bottles

Remove labels from wine bottles the super easy way

Old wine bottles and glass jars can be used for SO many different craft projects. The possibilities are endless. Take an empty pickle jar and turn it into a fairy lantern or make an adorable set of pumpkins from wine bottles. But you’re probably thinking that removing the labels from the empty glass containers is just too much headache.

But, I’m here to tell you taking the labels off of glass is actually much easier than you think!

How to remove labels from glass bottles

Here’s what you’ll need

  • glass with the label on

  • hot water

  • Dawn dish soap

  • kitchen scrub brush

the best way to remove labels from wine bottles

Fill your sink with hot water, as hot as your hands can handle, WEARING KITCHEN GLOVES IS A GREAT IDEA BUT I DIDN’T HAVE ANY ON HAND FOR THIS TUTORIAL. Add a several drops of Dawn dishsoap

Apply Dawn dish soap all over the label then slowly submerge it into the water letting the inside of the bottle fill with water. You want your bottle to sink to the bottom and be completely submerged in the hot soapy water, not floating on the top.

The  best way to remove adhesive labels from glass

Let it sit for at least 10 minutes. Lift the bottle out of the water and start peeling off the labels. It’s so important to know that not all labels are put on with the same glue and also, glue clings more to different label materials. Like with this bottle the circle label came off with no problems and took all of the glue with it. But the paper labels left some of the glue behind.

The best way to remove glue from glass bottles
How to remove labels from wine bottles

After you remove all of the labels from the glass bottle take your scrub brush and just give it a good scrub. The glue will come right off with the Dawn dish soap.

How to remove labels from glass jars

Once all the adhesive is gone, empty the bottle, rinse and dry it with a dish cloth.

Now you have a squeaky clean jar to reuse!

How to remove labels from jars the easy way